Monday, February 28, 2011

Movie - Ondskan (Evil)

Despite not really containing any homoerotic relationships (unless you count the ones my starved fangirl mind cooks up), the Swedish movie Evil is definitely worth watching, basically because it contains obscene amounts of battery and abuse.

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You all know I've got a penchant for young, intelligent and fairly attractive young boys engaging in violent activities, be it on the giving or the receiving end. If they on top of that has a dark and tragic past, my happiness is done.

The main character Erik Ponti is all of the above. After fucking up one too many times he is expelled from his school, the last public one in Stockholm that was willing to accept him. His mother, thinking that desperate times calls for desperate measures, sends her son to the bording school Stjärnsberg.

At Stjärnsberg, there are next to no sanctions exerted by the teachers. Instead, they practise correction through 'team spirit' - in other words, the pupils themselves hand out and execute punishments.

Erik Ponti is determined to graduate this time, in order to not cause any more trouble for his beloved mother, but his inherent honor (like, wtf?) makes it impossivble for him to silently accept injustice. He pisses off the Students' Council, and an orgy in violence and sadistic manipulation ensues, as the Council do their uttermost to break the rebel Erik.

Institutional violence seriously just makes me cream my pants, and the cock-sucker lips of Andreas Wilson, the guy playing the part of Ponti, just makes it so much better. He was made to suck dick, and I know deep down in my perverted heart that the second-in-command at the school, Dalén, thinks the exact same thing. He's just itching to bury his dick in that mouth, I tell you! It's evident the entire movie (or maybe it's not, but there's no way of knowing what goes on behind the camera, right?). I can bet that Dalén probably could think of a few other, more sexual ways, to bring Ponti to his knees - literally.

The entire movie is available on YouTube, complete with English subtitles. Watch it!

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