Thursday, February 24, 2011

Premier - Thursday Thrustdown

Maybe Thrustdown is a bad name, makes it seem as though it's gonna be all about porn... It's not, though, just so you know.

Finally, almost an entire year after I first got the idea, the first Thrustdown sees the light of day. This time I'd like to recommend a piece of original fiction, namely Breaking the Mirror by Nilah E. Rose at Fictionpress.

This is not exactly a work worthy of the Nobel Prize in Literature, it's not even close, honestly. But I tell you, once you open the page and start read (and have read for a while, haha), you're gonna love it, just for the sheer amount of suffering the darling main character Jayden goes through every day.

The story is a wet dream for every angst lover out there. It's about Jayden, an adorable adolescent in Florida, who is severely abused by his father. Jayden goes through every day expecting a beating from his father and being polite to a fault, until he one day gets a new neighbour, Mr. Sexy McHotson (he might be called something else though, like Seaton. Maybe).

And no, Mr McHotson is not a guardian angel in disguise. He is harsh and rude, and thoroughly annoyed with Jayden and his polite behaviour. But they keep bumping into each other, and one thing leads to another, and maybe they'll fuck, maybe they won't, what do we know, right? Well, I know, because I've read it a couple of times, but you don't. So get to it, bitches.

There's just something about a cute boy being systematically abused, with a soul as scarred as his back, you know.

You gotta love them. Jayden is not an exception. His body is covered in scars, but what's taken the most damage is his psyche. Despite his charming exterior and endearing shy personality (with occasional outbursts of angst and anger), he only sees the image of his father and his misdoings when he looks into the mirror. He is convinced he is worthless.

Having been a teenager, I can tell that the description of how Jayden handles his situation and his emotions are fairly realistic. I've never gone through anything even close to what Jayden has, thank you, parents, but I can still relate to his reactions. Well done, Nilah E. Rose!

But I believe a warning is in order.

The story ends rather abruptly, if you can even call it an ending. It's just unexpectedly cut off when you least of all expects it. Some would call it unfinished, abandoned, but the author deems it to be indeed finished. She says that she 'felt that like trying to add it anymore, or even wrap the story up in a neat little bow, would be doing it a disservice'. I'm not sure if I agree with her, but since she is the one in charge I guess I'll just have to accept it. But yes, be warned - you will be deeply frustrated at the end of it. But the journey there is an exhilarating one, so I hope you will find it worth your while!

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